Grocery Store Guru

All about the grocery industry, from a store level perspective.


Over 18 years of working in the grocery industry, I’ve seen it from all sides.

In the chain stores, I’ve been everything from buggy boy and cashier up to an assistant store manager. I’ve worked for a company that supplies grocery stores. I’ve worked for the largest retailer in the world, right when they began to get into groceries. I’ve owned a franchise (frozen food, certainly not for vegetarians!) and I currently run Canadian Alternative Foods, delivering gluten free food to my customers through .

Over the years, I’ve been asked a lot of questions.  I hope this will give me the chance to answer many of them. I also hope that I can help educate shoppers about what actually happens to your food before you buy it, and a little bit about the business behind bringing food to your plate.

WARNING! I HAVE A BIAS! I have some definite opinions about what goes on in the world of grocery retail. I have VERY definite opinions about some of the companies that operate in the industry. I’m not a journalist, just a guy that’s got a fair amount of experience – you are reading my opinons, and how the industry looks from my perspective.

If you have a question you would like answered, you can drop me a line at .



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